​​​​Riverton Hotel & Restaurant

   Riverton's Breakfast Menu

We serve Breakfast every Sunday from 9AM to 1 p.m.

    6. Broccoli & cheddar cheese omelet                           
    7. Fluffy Cheese Omelet (mozzarella, cheddar,

                Swiss, or American)            
    8. Fluffy Country Style Omelet. green peppers,

                onions, ham, & mushrooms.    
    9. Tomato, Spinach, & Feta Cheese omelet
  10. Fluffy Farmers Omelet. bacon, sausage,

                  mushrooms, green peppers, onions, &

                  topped w/ American cheese                               
  11. Ham and Cheese Omelet                                
  12. Spanish Omelet (hot peppers, onions, garlic,

                  tomatoes, & green peppers)             
  13. Wisconsin Omelet (sausage, apples, and                 

  14. Veggie Omelet (onion, peppers, mushrooms,

                   tomato, & spinach)                            

All omelets are made with 3 jumbo eggs and are served w/ home fries, garnish, & toast.

15. 2 Jumbo Eggs any style served w/ home fries,

          garnish, & toast.                                
16. 2 Jumbo Eggs any style w/your choice of

     (ham, sausage, bacon, chicken sausage, or

     corned beef hash) w/home fries, garnish, & toast.          
17. 3 thick cut French toast.                                       
18. 3 Golden BrownPancakes
19. Egg Sandwich with choice of ham, bacon, sausage,

       or Chicken Sausage on a homemade roll w/butter.

                                                                add cheese                
20. Breakfast Quesadilla.  Cheese plus 2 veggies    
        Select any 2, (Spinach, tomato, onion, peppers,

         mushrooms, broccoli)
             Add meat (Sausage, bacon, or ham)

  1. Morning Treat. 2 jumbo pancakes or French toast

                w/ 2 eggs and 3 slices of bacon.      
  2. Early Eye Opener. 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, sausage,

                 home fries, garnish, & toast             
  3. Corned Beef Hash topped with 2 eggs & cheddar,

                 home fries, garnish, & toast.       
  4. Good Day Starter.  Ham steak, 2 jumbo eggs,

                 home fries, garnish, & toast.                      
  5. Paradise at the Riverton. NY Strip Steak,

                 2 jumbo eggs, home fries, garnish, & toast.